Seahorse Ball


The 2019 Seahorse Society's, Return of the Glamour Ball

Has been Cancelled

The Seahorse Committee regrets to inform you of this action and apologises to all who have been affected or were planning to attend.

A major change in circumstances has arisen which has such an impact that holding the Ball on 17th August is no longer tenable.

A Fleetwood Mac concert at Olympic Park has resulted in hotel rooms being booked out within a wide radius including Parramatta, our preferred central location. Overnight two-person room tariffs at our proposed venue are now approaching $400 and will shortly be unavailable and the situation is similar at other hotels. It was not possible for us to pre-book rooms and provide final numbers when required.

Without accommodation and even adequate parking being available the Ball cannot go ahead. A change of date has been considered but is not possible.

The Committee has decided that a cancellation at this early stage is the only option to prevent further inconvenience and financial loss to all concerned.

Ticket holders will be refunded as soon as possible. Anyone who has already booked flights and\or accommodation and who has been unable to receive a full refund should contact the Committee via the website to discuss it.

We are sorry that this has happened, however the commercial forces which have emerged against us are just too strong.

The Seahorse Society of NSW Inc.

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