Seahorse Ball


The 2021 Seahorse Society's,

50th Anniversary Ball


Frequently Asked Questions


This page should answer any questions that you have about the Ball. It includes information about the venue, the Ball program, costs, what to wear, and conditions of entry.



When and where is it on?


Saturday August 28th 2021 at the Blue Mountains


What actually happens?

Friday night

Celebrations and social events begin on the Friday night. We have a get-together dinner at the hotel. This is open not only to our guests staying in the hotel, but also for members, families and friends who live in the Sydney area and would like to attend. Due to Covid 19 restrictions bookings are essential to enable the hotel to provide appropriate seating arrangements.

This is NOT included in the price of your ticket. You must pay for this meal.

Saturday daytime

Many members go out on informally organised shopping trips around town. There is no specific organised trips as in previous years.

Saturday night

Please note that the following is, at this stage, just a guide to the evening's events and may be subject to change.

On Saturday Night at 7pm the Ball begins, detail of which are yet to be finalised, but at this time ticket registration takes place and our hostesses escort everyone to their tables.

The Ball officially begins at 8.00pm. Music sets the mood and we start with the official welcoming and cutting of the Cake. We then move directly on to the three-course dinner.

The courses are alternate servings. Special meals are available for those with specific dietary requirements. Please advise us of any special dietary needs when you book.

Following the main course, at about 9.30pm, their will be more music with possible dancing available subject to Covid Rules.

At about 10.30pm we pause again for sweets and short break. This is an ideal time to catch up with friends. The music and dancing then continues almost non-stop.

No ball would be complete without a parade to choose the "Belle of the Ball". This takes place at about 12.30am when we crown both the Prince and Princess of the Seahorse Ball for 2021.

The Ball concludes at 1.00am Sunday morning.

Sunday morning

We meet up in the dining room for breakfast. More to come for this section as we iron out more details



What does it cost?


The ball ticket price is $150 per person. This includes food at the ball served at your table and all of the evening's entertainment. A service bar is provided within the ball room and prices are comparable to normal hotel prices.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Event Ticket Cancellation Policy:

  • If you cancel more than one month prior to an event, you will receive a full refund, minus $20 handling charge.
  • If you cancel within a month of an event, there will be no refund.
  • If the event is cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions a full refund, minus $10 handling charge.



    What about accommodation costs?


    Presently, the venue has accomodation available, you must

    ring the Venue on +61 2 4782 1111

    and say that you are there for the Seahorse Function and you will get a $25.00 discount on your accomodation. Remember that the Blue Mountains has plenty of accomodation available at different price point if you choose not to stay at the Carrington Hotel.



    What do I wear?


    This is a formal night. There are no strict dress rules, as long as what you wear is respectable. Most people choose evening gowns or formal wear. Costume wear and personal creations are also popular.



    Who is invited?



    In the past, the Ball was mainly for those who identified in the trans-community, together with their families and friends. It now encompasses people from all areas of the community and all walks of life and all ages. You do not have to be a member of any particular group (trans, LGBTQI, etc.) to attend. Everyone is welcome.



    What are the Conditions of Entry?


    1. Your ticket is not valid until paid for in full and receipted.
    2. An appropriate standard of dress must be maintained at all times.
    3. Inappropriate or offensive language is not permitted.
    4. Inappropriate or unsolicited advances of a sexual nature to other guests are not permitted.
    5. Taking photographs is permitted, but only with the permission of the person(s) being photographed.
    6. Taking illicit drugs is not permitted.

    Anyone found to be contravening these conditions or behaving in an inappropriate manner will be asked to cease immediately. If they continue to contravene these conditions, they will be required to leave the function immediately.

    Please remember: ALL Seahorse NSW functions are family-friendly.





    Please join us for a great night out!



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