25 possible reasons for not attending Seahorse meetings

Originally taken from Rhonda's RoundUp in November 1995 Seahorse Magazine and reprinted in 2005. It has also appeared in Seahorse Queensland's magazine in the May-June edition of 2001 and September 2010.

Although it is meant to be light-hearted, some the reasons for not attending meetings are real and some are silly. Sad to say, they are the same reasons today as they were in 1995.

This slightly modified version includes Christine's serious and witty responses to these typical lame excuses.

I am apprehensive about making a transition from dressing at the home by myself to a public meeting place in the company of others.

Christine's comments
Yes, we have all experienced that when we first came out. It usually disappears by your second meeting. Our meeting place is quite private, so can act as a stepping stone to more public places.

I'm unable to "get away" from home as the family is unaware of my cross-dressing.

Christine's comments
One option is to say that you going to some unspecified "men's group" (which is sort of true anyway) and come along in boy-mode and get changed at the meeting. Better still, be honest with your family about this important part of your life. Only you can chose which option works for you.

I feel that when "dressed" I would not "pass" as a woman and are therefore reluctant to attend a place full of slim, sexy transvestites, hot off the pages of "Dior" magazine.

Christine's comments
Most of us do not "pass" (and not longer care if we do or not). Generally speaking, we are a fairly mature bunch, comfortable with ourselves, but certainly most of us are no longer slim and gorgeous.

I'm happy just dressing at home and receiving the magazine.

Christine's comments
Come on, be honest, are you really satisified with that? OK, maybe I should not judge. Maybe that is enough to satisfy some members. Being a member at least gives a sense of belonging to a supportive group.

I'm hopeless at putting on make-up.

Christine's comments
We were all once hopeless at that. We often have discussion nights focussing on make-up. You can learn a lot. Learn more about make-up here.

I have no fashion sense.

Christine's comments
You can learn that through example and discussion with other members. We have learnt what looks good on the male body shape.

I have no clothes or make-up with which to "transform" myself and are reluctant to purchase these items.

Christine's comments
Have you heard of Ebay? So much can be bought on-line these days and delivered to a post box if privacy is an issue.

I'm size 26 and built like a brick shithouse.

Christine's comments
Believe me, you will not be the only "big girl" there at the meeting.

I'm size 10, have a great figure, gorgeous face and I'm scared I won't know where this will lead me and I might go "all the way" and want to change sex.

Christine's comments
Lucky you, but you will know yourself how far to go.

I'm reluctant to show my wife up as I may just be better looking (as a girl) than she is.

Christine's comments
Whoa! Careful, Tiger! I am sure that she can cope and would probably disagree with you anyway. You are still her man in her eyes.

The bloke next door hates poofters and owns a .22 rifle and I fear he may see me leaving the house.

Christine's comments
I am sure that he will be down the pub on Friday nights. If not, come along in boy mode and change at the meeting.

I constantly tell myself "I'll go next month".

Christine's comments
Man-up, you big girl! Bite the bullet and stop procrastinating.

Maybe I'll be "cured" soon and all the desires will go away.

Christine's comments
When cross-dressers use the word "cured", we are talking about ham. There is no cure, except to enjoy it.

I wouldn't be able to drive in 4" high heels.

Christine's comments
That would be dangerous and probably illegal anyway. Drive in a pair of sensible shoes and stick the stilettos on when you arrive at the hall.

What if I got picked up by the police for speeding, or breathalysed, or some other minor infringement.

Christine's comments
Most of us have had the experience of being breathalysed at least once while dressed and have been treated respectfully by the Police. Most of us do not exceed the speed limit while dressed. Don't give the police one more thing that you have to explain. More details here

I might have a car accident and be taken to hospital!

Christine's comments
Hospitals are used to all sorts of unusual presentations. There may be a few giggles from some junior nurses, but you will be treated like anyone else (i.e., waiting endlessly for treatment).

I own a sports convertible and don't want my wig to blow off.

Christine's comments
Buy a scarf or buy a sedan!

I only like to dress in stilettos and lingerie. Going out might cause me to catch a cold.

Christine's comments
It certainly would draw attention to you as well. Invest in a nice skirt and blouse, and a dress, and maybe another skirt and, oh yes, that lovely top you saw at the shops the other day, and...

I might get "aroused" and embarrass myself with a "lump in my skirt."

Christine's comments
You can learn the art of "tucking", so that little fellow ain't going anywhere!

I couldn't possibly go out dressed. What if I want to go to the toilet?

Christine's comments
If you are dressed like a lady, go to the Ladies. You will look pretty silly going into the Gents. At our meeting place we have Men's, Ladies, and a large disabled toilet. Just go to which ever one is free. Find out about visiting the Ladies in this article by Christine.

Maybe other members will try to "pick me up" and make lurid sexual advances towards me. I'm straight, married and a father!

Christine's comments
We have a clear policy on soliciting. We are a social group and not a dating service and so we request members not to overtly solicit relationships at any meetings or Society organized social functions. Read our Guidelines about acceptable behaviour

I have a weak heart and the excitement and adrenaline rush in presenting myself in public as a woman would be too much for the ticker and my doctor has advised against it.

Christine's comments
Well, at least you told your doctor about your cross-dressing. That's good. It is unlikely that it will kill you. In fact most cross-dressers actually feel calmer dressed as a woman after they get pass the initial excitement. Remember: "Feeling stress? Put on a dress!"

The $7.00 meeting attendance fee is more than I can afford.

Christine's comments
Hey, Scrouge McDuck, where else can you have a great night with friends for just seven bucks?

I can't come on Fridays else I would miss the Friday Night Footy on the telly.

Christine's comments
Oh dear, there is simply no hope for some people!

I would if only I could change at the meeting hall.

Christine's comments
And indeed you can.

No more excuses!

Christine's comments
See you at the next meeting!

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