Seahorse Data

This page is for the stats freaks amongst our members. Christine just loves analysing data.

The graphs are generated from Excel spreadsheets. The graphs are then saved as png images, and edited to size with Photoshop, then saved as png files, before being uploaded to the website.

Members can access Seahorse's financial data in the Members-Only section of the website:

This page is no longer updated as Christine is no longer the Membership Secretary.


Membership Numbers:

Currently we have 146 Members, which includes 4 Life Members. We also have 7 current sponsors, who are not included in the data below.

The first graph and data tables show membership data from 2007 to the current time.

The graph shows the following data:

  • Peak/current numbers: The highest number of financial members just prior to the AGM at end of May each year, and the current number of members.
  • Number by May AGM: The number of members who renewed at the time of the AGM (and the current number of members).
  • New/Re-joining Members The number of new members or past members rejoining in that 12 month period (starting in June of each year).

The second graph, below shows the number of members recorded in all the available monthly committee meeting minutes since 2008 (shown in blue).. This shows the expected fluctuation of member numbers. The sudden dips are due to members who have not renewed by the end of May each year. Overall, the graph show a healthy growth trend (shown in red).

Application Numbers:

The graph below shows the number of applications per calendar year since 1986. A fair proportion of applicants never follow through with membership. The current year's data is displayed in orange.

The increase in applications in 1991 coincides with the incorporation of Seahorse NSW and significant changes to the policy about applications.

The sudden increase in 2009 coincides with the introduction of on-line applications.

More Recent & Detailed Application Numbers:

The third graph, below, is more complex. It analyses the yearly application data since 2007 (the data have been more accurate since then), looking at the three possible outcomes of applications (below) and the total number of applications each year:

  • Ex-members: Those who applied and became members, but are now no longer members.
  • Provisional Members: Those who applied but did not follow through with their membership application.
  • Current Members: Those who are still members.
  • Total Applications This is the total of the above three groups.

Since 2009, when applying for membership on-line became available, the number of applications has risen significantly. However, it has also meant that a much higher percentage of applicants never went ahead with membership, and some of those who did join were a little less likely to stay on as members. However, despite this, there has been a steady overall growth in membership numbers since the introduction of on-line membership applications.

Percentage of provisional members that do not join

Unfortunately, a significant percentage of people who apply for membership do not follow through and become full members. Usually a quarter to a third of provisional members do not end up joining.

The data for 2007 to 2009 may be incomplete or inaccurate.