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Here are links to our four FAQ Pages:

Basic FAQ

This contains some answers to basic questions about cross-dressing for those wanting to find out more about it. Wives, partners and family members will find this useful to help them make some sense of and correct any misconceptions about cross-dressing.

Public Cross-dressing FAQ

This answers to a range of questions about situations facing cross-dressers contemplating their first public outing. It also gives advice to more experienced cross-dressers taking on the challenge of travelling as a woman.

Joining Seahorse FAQ

This addresses common concerns that potential members. and their partners, may have about joining Seahorse. Hopefully, this FAQ will reduce those concerns and explain why joining Seahorse will be of benefit.

Reasons for not attending Seahorse meetings FAQ

Not really a FAQ page, but rather a light-hearted look at the excuses people have for not attending meetings.

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