Xmas and all thats going on,

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Xmas and all thats going on,

Postby noeleena » December 2nd, 2016, 5:17 pm


Just an update ,

Just to wish you all a merry Xmas and happy new year,

Banding as you know im a member of a few Brass Bands and Orchestra, so tomorrow we have our Oamaru Xmas parade so I with our Brass Band will be playing on the Village green , about an hour after 10 ,30,

Sunday we well be playing for the older people in Iona just an hour and sunday service ,
plus we go round the older peoples other homes on Tuesdays for next 3 weeks ,

Then Xmas day I,ll be incharge of , and having 15 people working for me doing Xmas dinner for 90 people and I,m hopeing we have over 100 come along its free and for those who are alone or don't have family close by or just need to have some time out with others are most wellcome . its a Kiwi style lunch some food is hot and some cold lots of meat 4 different types and veg,s and pudding cream ice cream and pav plus a few other foods as needed, and grape and wine and soft drink ,

I,ll be dressed in my Wench outfit as normal a cream skirt with a red over skirt hooked up a little on the left side a cream blouse with over jacket in autumn colours no sleaves ,my head wear cream turban style and my kitchen long knifes, belted to my side.

So hope your day is a family day and have friends with you,


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