Total boredom

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Total boredom

Postby tarawb » August 6th, 2017, 3:40 pm

Ok I am having a break before I go and look at some website code for Lisa for her work. We are working on a decision making took web page to help public servants make decisions quicker and reduce cost of doing so.

So does anyone have anything exciting to discuss, we have the ball coming up soon, lets get some life in this forum. Our local linux user group has 8 members and we use the wire app to do group chats and it is getting a lot of traction.

We have had all the fun topics at the social meeting such as the Canon VS Nikon, and we all know Canon wins hands down. Lets not get into the full size sensor vs crop sensor, ok I can only dream of a full frame sensor or L Glass.

So many topics to discuss.


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