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seeking everyone's help

Posted: September 21st, 2018, 1:44 am
by Pauline

I'm seeking a cross-dressing/transexual/ transvestite, gay guy or wife or mum of one who's compassionate to my predicament to act as a support worker to assist me to dress as a woman.
Take me on outings, go shopping, trips to the city or simply go driving or roll through a city park, I cross-dressed from age 6-23 until I was attacked and became paralysed in 1995.
I'm now 46 and very down I originally ask for help here more than a year ago and I've had no one offer to help or say hello, I'm happy to discuss my needs no experience necessary I can provide training and offer substantial hourly for your time, get paid whilst you enjoy yourself.
I'm caucasian slim 65kgs and I wax everything and live alone near Sr Marys 2760 NSW I'm a really nice person who desperately needs some queer or queer-friendly friends, please don't let my disability scare you off.
All bare 1 of my normal staff never worked in the industry and I showed them everything the scariest thing you'll encounter is my lifting hoist and its simply an overpriced engine hoist, give me 10 minutes and you'll be an expert, give me a few weeks and you'll be that confident you could consider a career change, I have purchased thousands of dollar on clothing, shoes and expensive lingerie most still in their shipping packaging because I can't ask my staff because they would laugh behind my back between themselves
Please contact me because I would even be open to holding a BBQ or meet at my home for seahorse members for helping instead of that hall as a thank you to Seahorse for helping me out.,

I would be really pleased if anyone could help me unwrap all of these packages and try on the high heels so I at least know if I'm buying the right size please sms me on 9448513645


Re: seeking everyone's help

Posted: November 8th, 2018, 8:46 pm
by noeleena

I just came in as i thought this forum was down and gone wow still going so where is every one... think i,m a bit late to add any thing to your ? s .so may catch up,