Seahorse's History


The Definitive History of the Seahorse Society - Part 11


This page includes acknowledgements and a list of reference sources





I would like to thank the following people:


  • Di Ward, one of our longest standing members, for copies of Cleo magazines, other magazines article, old newsletters, and much other valuable resource material, in particular, copies of the original artwork for the covers of the Feminique Magazines.
  • Previous Membership Secretaries, in particular, Susan, for maintaining accurate records and for keeping archives of previous applications, both electronic and hard-copy. This assisted my research considerably.
  • Past President, Lynne Johnson, for providing me with a large amount of old Seahorse correspondence.
  • Various Seahorse members, especially those who have been members for many years (in particular two of our founders, Rosemary and Jill) for their anecdotes and stories about Seahorse given to me in informal discussions at Social Meetings.
  • Katherine Cummings of the Gender Centre for setting me the challenge of writing this article. I shied away from the idea initially, thinking it would be an impossible task, but eventually accepted the challenge when I found that there was a lot of archival information available.




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