The Definitive History of the Seahorse Society - 1967 to the Present

This is an article by Christine Parker and was begun in 2012. She has researched the history of Seahorse, starting from well before its official beginning in 1971 through to the present time. It remains a work-in-progress, updated as more information comes to hand from various sources.

If you are able to provide any additional historic information (facts, photos, documents, etc) about Seahorse, please email Christine Parker.

The Author:

Christine Parker:

Christine has been an active Seahorse member since 2007:

  • Member #704 (2007 - current)
  • Web-mistress (2008 - current)
  • President (2011 - 2012)
  • Membership Secretary (2012 - 2015)
  • Seahorse Historian (2012 - current)

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The Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Dark Ages: before Seahorse existed.
  3. Enter our Founder, Rosemary.
  4. The First Seahorse Meeting.
  5. Subsequent Seahorse Meetings.
  6. A Time of Growth.
  7. Early Club Rules.
  8. The Feminique Magazine.
  9. Taking Seahorse to the World.
  10. Transeminar 76.
  11. Transeminar 77 and the late 1970's.
  12. A psychiatrist's view of Seahorse.
  13. The Breakup of Seahorse.
  14. Seahorse in the 1980's - The Difficult Years.
  15. The member who nearly destroyed Seahorse.
  16. An unusual and sad story.
  17. The 1990's and Incorporation - A Time of Change.
  18. The New Millennium - Seahorse goes to the Ball.
  19. Seahorse goes on-line.
  20. Seahorse goes to the Country.
  21. Seahorse's organisation.
  22. Seahorse 2012 and beyond
  23. The Growth of Seahorse since 1985.
  24. Seahorse Life Members.
  25. Past Seahorse Presidents.
  26. Acknowledgements & References.


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