Partners Section

A very important part of the Seahorse Society is the wives, partners and families of our members. Not only are they often supportive of their cross-dressing partners, several partners provide good support for wives and partners trying to come to terms with being in a relationship with a cross-dresser.

This section of the Seahorse website attempts to address the concerns of partners and families and to help them make some sense of what maybe a newly-discovered aspect of the life of their husband, boy-friend, son or brother.

Partners Support Program

The Seahorse Society can offer support to partners in a variety of ways. For example, partners and family members are always welcome at social meetings.

Concerned partners, who may be dealing with the issues of newly discovering their spouse is a cross-dresser, can also be put into contact with volunteer partners of Seahorse members who have had to deal with similar issues.

Dealing with family issues

Many important issues come up within a family when one member comes out as a cross-dresser.

Charter of partners' rights

Margaret is very supportive of her husband's cross-dressing. The relationship was helped by the application of certain rules.

One Partner's View

Here is a partner's thoughts about having a transgender partner.

Helpful resources

Here are three resources for partners.