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Advantages of having a Crossdressing Partner


Usually a wife or girlfriend is not too happy about the fact that her husband or boyfriend cross-dresses. This often creates problems in their relationship. This list to show that having a cross-dressing partner is not a always negative thing. Here are 45 reasons why having a cross-dresser as a husband can be an advantage.


  1. You can have your own private slumber parties.
  2. He always envies you because he would rather be wearing what you are wearing.
  3. You can have a girlfriend as well as a boyfriend who doesn't mind waiting while you take your time shopping.
  4. You can double your wardrobe if he's the same size as you!
  5. You always have a girlfriend to go shopping and have lunch with!!
  6. He'll NEVER object to being a clothes dummy and wearing a dress while you hem it.
  7. While shopping, you can test a new shade of nail polish on him and he doesn't complain or ask to see a matching lipstick.
  8. He'll rarely have that scratchy five o'clock shadow.
  9. He will be sympathetic about your excess body hair.
  10. He won't mind waiting on you or your girlfriends.
  11. If you need a slip for that new dress you bought, he happens to have the perfect one, and lets you borrow it.
  12. A man in a dress makes a good cook.
  13. He loves to smell perfume and will give you an honest opinion.
  14. You can test a new shade of lipstick on him.
  15. If you purchase something for your home, it will never be too feminine.
  16. At least the toilet seat will be down.
  17. He is a lot easier to buy gifts for.
  18. He will understand much better that the best thing a girl can have when she feels down is new clothes.
  19. If he buys you clothes, you know he sizes them right.
  20. You can take him to the hair salon with you and he will sit quietly while you both get your hair done, and he will never complain. In fact he will thank you.
  21. The only time he will ever care if you wear curlers to bed is if he has to wear the oversized rollers.
  22. He understands why you don't care for spending 8 hours a day in pantyhose and high heels.
  23. Never complains about leaving delicate underwear out to dry.
  24. You have a girlfriend who doesn't get PMS.
  25. He will not only shop with you but pay the bill as well!
  26. He knows how to handle delicates when he does the laundry.
  27. Satin and velvet are more snugly than denim and wool.
  28. He understands the need for quality cosmetics.
  29. You have even more excuses to go shopping, and he will even carry the bags.
  30. You can borrow his jewellery, clothes and makeup.
  31. He understands why you go through so many pairs of stockings.
  32. He no longer expects you to get ready for a night on the town in 5 minutes or less.
  33. You can take the Cosmo quizzes together.
  34. You can ask him how an outfit looks, and get an intelligent response.
  35. His new friends don't spend all day watching football.
  36. He knows to walk slow when you're wearing heels.
  37. If he says "Darling, you look nice", you know he really means it.
  38. He can spot makeup smudges better than any other guy.
  39. He's like having a live in cosmetologist.
  40. He loves to go shopping with you and watch you try on clothes.
  41. He knows how to treat a lady with care, sensitivity and respect.
  42. He's a girl friend that will stick around, and won't flake out on you or stab you in the back.
  43. He loves to dress up and have long chat sessions.
  44. You know one of you will have a tissue with you when you need it.
  45. Dress him up in a French Maid's Uniform and you have a house cleaner for the day.