Subscription Payments Page

This page tells how to pay your $50 subscription renewals if you are an existing member or a sponsor/advertiser.

How to pay your $50.00 subscription if you are an existing member, or if you are a sponsor/advertiser

  • Pay at Social Meetings (members only).
  • Pay by mail:
    Send cheque or money order to:
    PO Box 2193, Boronia Park, NSW 2111,
  • Pay by bank transfer/direct deposit:
    Westpac, Gordon, NSW
    BSB:032-083 A/C No:166511

If paying by direct debit or bank transfer, it is very important that you include identifying information, such as your Membership number and/or name, otherwise we will not know who has paid.

After you have paid, let us know

Once you have paid any money to Seahorse, please use this link to let Christine and the Treasurer, Brenda, know that you have paid and by what method.

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