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Body Shaping

TThis article was written by Christine Parker (#704), originally written in 2008 and updated in 2013.

This rewrite was done for two reasons:

  1. I had been able to lose more than 15kgs since the original article was written
  2. I have continued to find better techniques to further improve my skills since the original article was written.

It shows how to achieve a more female body shape. It goes through, step by step with photographs, what is required to achieve this.

Wearing a nice dress, a good wig and having your makeup right are important, there is more involved to look realistically like a woman, if you plan to go out in public while cross-dressed. Having a natural female shape is important. Just having a full bra is alone not enough. Here I will show you some of the techniques that I use to try and achieve the realistic female shape.

The essentials that you will need

This picture shows shows you the things that you will need. This includes:

  1. bra.
  2. panties
  3. breast-forms
  4. corset.
  5. padded girdle.

Details of where to buy these items is included in this article.

Bras and panties can obviously be purchased in many retail shops. Ideally when purchasing a bra, you should try on a bra with your breast-forms, but this may present a challenge to the novice cross-dresser. However many bra fitters have experience with cross-dressers and would be happy to assist.

The anatomical differences between male and female body shapes

Some important differences between the male and female body shape:

  • Men tend to more bulge from the top of their abdomen.
  • Women tend to have that little "spare tyre" below their belly button.
  • Men have thicker waists, such that their waist and hip measurements are approximately the same or have slightly larger waist than hips.
  • Women's hip measurements are typically up to 25-50% greater than their waists.
  • Women's Shoulder/Hip Ratio is usually less than 1.0, meaning that their hips are wider than their shoulders.
  • Men, however, usually have a ratio of greater than 1.0.

    Like a lot of mature people, many of us carry a bit too much weight around the middle. However, if you are a bit over-weight, do not worry; try and think of fat as feminine tissue. Women do have a higher percentage of fat compared with men. Also fat can also be pushed around into slightly different places to alter body shape.

    You will note that I have a mild degree of gynaecomastia (man boobs), something that embarrassed me when I was young, but now I value this as an asset. It allows me to create some cleavage. Since losing weight, my waist and hip are approximately the same size.

    We have two factors to try and modify. We cannot alter our shoulder width, but we can manipulate our waists and hips.

  • Bra and Panties

    First thing is to have male genitals well hidden. In these photos, I have used well-fitting panties to smooth everything tucked between my legs. If you cannot hide the boy bits with women's panties, you can buy special designed gaffes from the Breast Form Store. They are designed for the cross-dresser, in that they have a wider crutch to keep everything in place. They are also a nice design and very comfortable.

    Next thing, of course, is breasts. Silicon breast forms are the best invention ever for cross-dressers. When I was young, it was rolled up socks or stockings full if bird seeds. Breast forms feel so real and move naturally as you move.

    This picture shows where the breasts are positioned. Many cross-dressers have their breast forms and bras sitting too high. The nipple should be at the lower third of the upper arm. It is a bit higher in younger women compared with older women.

    The Breastform Store has a large range of breastforms: Click here

    Getting hips and a bum.

    Does my bum look too big in this? The answer is, I hope so! Most women want a smaller bottom, but we want what most women possess.

    There are several commercially available padded girdles available, but my favourites are from the Breast Form Store

    These girdles have high waists and can be pulled up to just below the bra. They have a crotch opening to allow passing urine without removing the girdle. I wear the corset over the girdle, which keeps the girdle in place and stops it sliding down. The girdle also protects my skin from the corset and makes wearing a corset more comfortable.

    I have two padded girdles from the Breast Form Store that utilise 2 or 3 hip and bum pads on each side. One girdle is white, the other is black, so that they can be worn under different coloured clothes and I do not have to worry that it being visible through the fabric. Also, you can have one in the wash and have one to wear.

    The other advantage of having two girdles is you can double up on the padding using the padding from both girdles to create a bigger bottom and wider hips.

    Getting a waist: Cummerbund Corset

    Corsets should be worn OVER the girdle for two reasons:

    1. The corset keeps the girdle in place and stops it slipping down.
    2. The girdle protects the abdominal skin from the tight corset.

    This corset is just 9-10cm in width. It should be worn above the navel such that its upper edge reaches the ribcage. This is because the narrowest part of a women's waist is above the navel, where as men's is at the navel.

    This also helps to create a nice little feminine belly in my lower abdomen.

    Also it is more comfortable for prolonged wearing.

    Not all cross-dressers like the idea of a corset, but look at the difference it makes!

    Here are a few pointers to make wearing a corset a more comfortable experience:

    1. Don't wear it so tight that it restricts your breathing.
    2. If you are going to have it on for several hours, wear something under it - a singlet or the like - otherwise it can rub and blister the skin.
    3. If it gets uncomfortable, just loosen the strings a bit.

    Getting a waist: Full-length Corset

    This corset goes from the ribcage down to just above the pubic bone. It is narrower at the sides, so as not to effect the hip shape, and, in fact, it highlights the hips. It flattens the front of the abdomen as well.

    It is not as comfortable for prolonged wearing as the Cummerbund corset. However, it can be worn on the outside of some clothes for a more dramatic, rather Goth look.

    I bought both of these corsets at Gallery Serpentine

    How it looks when dressed

    Since losing weight and improving my skills, I can now wear much tighter more fashionable clothes, both casual and classy.

    In case you are wondering: my vital statistics (male and female) with the above now are:




    % Change


    105cm (41in)

    115cm (44in)



    96cm (38in)

    90cm (35in)



    100cm (39in)

    115cm (44in)


    Waist/Hips Ratio




    The Breast Form Store is the place to buy most of the items discussed in this article: Visit the website

    In conclusion

    Having a convincing-looking female body shape is a must for a cross-dresser who is going to venture out into the real world. If your body is the right shape, you will not only look more the part, you will find that you will feel more feminine, and you will walk and move more like a woman.

    Of course, creating a female shape does not come cheaply. Here are some typical prices on the right:

  • Breast forms, depending on size and style, will cost $200 a basic pair to $1500 for an outrageously large pair. $250-300 should give you a good pair and they last years with proper care.
  • The corsets shown above range $80, but some are over $250 for a full length one. Cheap corsets or clinchers are not as likely to do the job or will not last as long.
  • Padded girdles range from $66 to $90 (from the Breast Form Store).
  • Gaffes are $28-$42 (from the Breast Form Store).
  • All up, you are looking at around $350 to almost $2000 to really get into shape. Who said being a girl is cheap!

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