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Fair Day 2012

Lucie, Amy and Reeshel arrived at Victoria Park at 7:30am. The Seahorse stand was located at the back of the park under a large tree. Neighbouring stands varied between commercial retail stands and community groups (a women's refuge, the Deaf Society, NSW Teacher's Federation and several religious groups). We set the stall up with the banner and printed materials. Susan and Sandra joined us at 9:30 with more printed materials and several decorative seahorses.

People took turns to work within the stall and answer questions from passers-by. While there were quiet periods for the stall, we did get quite a few interested people coming by to ask questions, including several psychologists, a high school teacher and other members of the public. Some people stopped simply to ask what we did, as they were interested in our name. We had a couple of past members stop by to say hello and tell us they would be interested to reconnect with the society.

Lucie, Susan and Sandra were able to take walks around the fair at various times and were able to connect with other groups, including NSW Police, Beyond Blue, Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives, Unbiased Bowling and Camp Coop . This was helpful as it gave us some ideas for future activities the Society could be involved in, or other ways we could connect with the GLTBQI community:

Quite a few Seahorse members stopped by to visit and chatted to other members in a small picnic area we had set up behind the stall.

  • Susan and Sandra were able to get the contact name for someone at Gladesville Police Station who may be able to come to a meeting and talk to our members.
  • Beyond Blue may be interested in asking the Society to come and speak to their councillors.
  • Lucie was able to obtain more information about the Australian Gay and Lesbian Archives in order for the society to further discuss sending copies of our monthly magazine to them.
  • Unbiased Bowling is a group that plays lawn bowls each week in Marrickville and can help us organise our own event.
  • Camp Coop is a GLBTQI group that helps other GLBTQI groups with things like writing government grant proposals, community group legalities, etc.

    We estimate that we have given out over 100 business cards, 50 flyers and several edited copies of the magazine. By 4:30 the weather took a turn for the worse and the rain started. The fair emptied quite substantially at this point, and Lucie, Amy, Susan, Sandra, Caroline and Adrianna packed up the stall at 5pm.

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