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Paying a Visit to the Ladies' Toilet


This article was written by Christine Parker (#704)




Cross-dressers have usually had the unique experience of regularly visiting both Men's and Women's toilets during their life time and isn't there a difference! So, let's compare these differences:


The Gents


Men's toilets are dour, smelly places where no one talks, not even to your best friend, except if it is about the footy, but the conversation must be limited to questioning the intelligence of the referee and his clear bias towards the opposing team of Neanderthals.

There are strict, but unspoken, rules, learned by example from boyhood, about where one must stand at the trough - never next to another man unless it is packed and only then with an increase in internal anxiety. Look straight ahead! Eyes must never be seen to gaze below the horizontal or more than 5 degrees left or right. Hand washing is considered an optional extra. The aim is to get in and out of the Gents in the shortest time possible. Hanging around toilets longer that absolutely necessary is considered very suss!


The Ladies


The Ladies' toilets are, in contrast, the friendly places of bright chatter and laughter. Anything can and will be discussed, no matter how personal. Conversations will occur between cubicles several feet apart. No one seems to be in in a rush, even if there is a queque. After the compulsory thorough handwashing, makeup is carefully retouched, hair tidied up, and clothes smoothed and straightened. The conversations continue unabated.

The cross-dresser is, however, at a bit of a disadvantage. She cannot talk out loud for fear of discovery. She must sit to pass urine, which she may be unaccustomed to do. If she does insist on using the standing position (Heaven Forbid!), then she must remember to lower the seat after use. Also, she has trouble mimicking the tinkling sound that women make passing urine. However, by sitting towards the back of the seat, leaning forwards and positioning one's male appendage towards the water, one can create a pretty close, but not an exact simile.

While most women will tolerate or ignore the occasional cross-dresser in their Inner Sanctum, some may not like it, so do not spend longer than necessary preening one's self. Personally, I have never had a problem, other than an infrequent glare from some intolerant older woman.


Sydney's Best Ladies Room


if you are ever dressed in Sydney CBD and you are near the Queen Victoria Building, it should be compulsory to visit the Ladies' Toilets on Level 2. They are amazing: sumptuous floor-to-ceiling marble, massive cubicles, stylish fittings and comfortable seating. Quite an experience.


A final note


It has sometimes been recommended that we should use the Disabled Toilets, because they are unisex. Personally, I totally disagree with this idea, because....

ONE: I am NOT disabled. Being a cross-dresser or trans is not a disability.

TWO: What if a disabled person has to wait for me to vacate THEIR toilet. They would have every right to be annoyed with me.

THREE: If I am presenting as a woman, I am legally entitled to use the women's toilets.


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