The Seahorse Committee

Here are the current committee members. The committee is elected each year by members at the Annual General Meeting on the last Friday of each May.

We are a very active committee. 6 to 12 of us meet each month, on a Friday one week before our Social Meeting, i.e. the second-last Friday of the month, except December, when it is not held.

The committee meeting is usually well-attended and it runs for about 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the amount to be discussed. Reports from office-holders are presented, and recent news and correspondence, future events, forward planning and any other pertinent issues are discussed.

All Seahorse members are entitled and are encouraged to attend the Committee Meetings. These are held in our usual meeting place, starting at about 7:45pm on the second last Friday of the month. Coffee and cake are supplied.

Current Committee Members: Elected on 27/05/2016

Office Bearers:

Dana [867]
Member since 2011.

Karen [710]
Member since 2007.

Melissa [1011]
Member since 2013.

Treasurer & Membership:
Brenda [767]
Member since 2009.

Operational Committee Members:

Christine [704]
Member since 2007.

Magazine Editor:
Michelle [885]
Member since 2011.

Robyn [1053]
Member since 2014.

Event Organiser:
Susan [209]
Member since 1991.

Ordinary Committee Members:

Rosemary [210]
Founded Seahorse in 1971.

Julia [478]
Member since 1998.

Carol [1048]
Member since 2014.

Carolyn [276]
Member since 1993.

Pru [1039]
Member since 2014.