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Feminique Magazine Covers

Here is a collection of the covers of sixteen editions of Feminique, which was Seahorse's magazine in the 1970's until the early 1980's. The high-quality artwork on each cover were created by Di Ward, who is still a member of Seahorse.

Di is a skilled graphic artist and she produced these beautifully feminine images for Feminique. We are very grateful to her for kindly donating her original art work to Seahorse. They form an important part of the Seahorse Society's History.

Click on an image for a large high-resolution image.

Number 11, February 1976

Number 13, August 1976

Number 15, February 1977

Number 17, August 1977

Number 19, February 1978

Number 21, 1978

Number 23, 1980

Number 25, 1984
It commemorates all the past editions by including a miniature of each cover.

Number 12. May 1976

Number 14, November 1976

Number 16, May 1977

Number 18, November 1977

Number 20, August 1978

Number 22, 1980

Number 24, 1981

Number & date unknown (probably 1990 or later).
It bears the words "Seahorse Society of NSW", which was incorporated in 1990)

Number 28, c. 1982

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