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Seahorse Shopping Guide

The Seahorse Shopping Guide is a compilation of 70 recommended CD-friendly shopping places, services and venues, mainly in Sydney. I have also added one place which was not trans-friendly and that I would not recommend.

The list comes from various sources, in particular from Seahorse members' personal experiences, as well as my own.

For convenience, this article has been divided into nine sections, each with their own webpage. All external links will open in a new window or tab. Where possible, email and web links, and a contact person have been included.

Seahorse Sponsors in each category are always placed at the top of each page, in order of how long they have been Seashore sponsors. Other businesses are then listed below our sponsors.

Here is a helpful article about shopping for women's clothes:

Would you like to add a business?

  • If you run a business that is trans-friendly or
  • If you are a cross-dresser and have had a good experience with a business
  • and would like it included in our Guide,
  • Please contact Christine Parker:

    .......It's free!

Would you like to become a Seahorse Sponsor?

  • To increase your profile on the Seahorse Cross-dressing Guide
  • To have a banner advertisement displayed randomly on the website
  • To have an advertisement in our monthly magazine

You can become a Sponsor by paying just $50/year, plus donating a raffle prize for the Seahorse Ball.

To find out how:

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