Make-up Tips


The Right Equipment

Here are some pointers about using the right equipment, and the optimum conditions to apply makeup.


Purchasing a good quality set of makeup brushes is essential. Some experts say the good brushes are more important than good make-up products.

The basic brushes, from left to right in their order of use, will include all or most of these:

  • Foundation brush, to give an even, smooth application of liquid foundation.

  • Concealer brush is a smaller brush for covering problem areas.

  • Face powder brush is the biggest brush to cover larger areas of the face.

  • Contouring brush for applying and blending bronzer and blusher.

  • Blending brush for blending eyeshadow.

  • Eyeshadow brush for applying eye shadow.

  • Small angled brush for detailed work, such as eyeliner and eyebrows.

  • Lipstick brush for more precise application of lipstick.

    Make-up Mirror

    A good sized makeup mirror is an absolute must. It should have two mirrored sides; one that is magnified for detailed work, such as around the eyes and the lips, and one that is not magnified for applying foundation, and other less-detailed work.

    I do not believe that there is great advantage having a mirror with a built-in light.

    The Right Conditions

  • A well-lit, comfortable position makes applying makeup much easier.

  • Natural light is much better than artificial light.

  • Applying makeup is best done in a seated position with your elbows resting on a bench or table.

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to do your make-up. Rushing it leads to mistakes.

  • Applying makeup in a car at night in the rear-view mirror is definitely not recommended.

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