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Removing Your Make-up


Removing Your Make-up

There always comes that time when you have to remove the make-up that you have so lovingly applied.

Fortunately the removal of make-up is a lot easier than applying it.
However, there are some things to learn about doing this properly.
A quick wash with soap and water will just never do!

Face Make-up Removal

It is essential to remove all traces of makeup. You do not want any makeup to remain visible when you are back in guy-mode.

Also, you do not want any make-up stains on your pillow and sheets when you go to bed.

Most of your makeup (foundation, powder, blusher and bronzer) is quite easily removed with any of the commercially available makeup removal wipes, bought at any supermarket or pharmacy.

You will need at least two wipes to remove your face make-up, especially if you have used a liquid foundation.

Eye Makeup Removal

Eye makeup, especially mascara, can be much more stubborn to remove. Some lipsticks can be a bit stubborn as well. I used Nivea "Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover", which does exactly what it says.

I simply moisten a round makeup pad with the cleanser, hold on one eye for 10-15 seconds, then wipe. This may need to be repeated to remove all traces of mascara, in particular. I then repeat this with the other eye.


Do one final cleansing. Your skin may be a bit dried out.

Therefore, it is important to moisturise your face, and I also use an eye cream, such as L'Oreal Age Perfect".

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