Upcoming Events


Upcoming Seahorse Meetings and Events


Here are the dates and details of the upcoming Seahorse meetings and events:

  • Monthly Social Meetings (January to November).
  • Monthly Committee Meetings (January to November).
  • Annual Seahorse Ball (August In 2022 it will be in September).
  • Annual Christmas Party (December).

    PLEASE NOTE: Cafe Nights are no longer held.

    Please remember:

    Wives, partners, family and friends of members are always very welcome at the Society's meetings and events.



    Social Meetings:


    Members are reminded that the Social Meetings are, unless otherwise advised, always held on the last Friday of the month (except December, when there is no meeting). The hall is open from about 7.30pm to 11.00pm.

    Entry Fees

  • $10.00 for members and their guests.
  • Partners are not required to pay an entry fee.
  • The fee for Non-financial members is $20.

    We strongly encourage all members to remain financial and support Seahorse.

    Non-financial members may attend meeting, but they are NOT eligible to win prizes in any competition that we run.

    Most of our Social Meetings have themes, which are noted in the calendar below.

    Please remember:

    Members are advised that smoking on grounds of our meeting hall has been prohibited by the local council and that large fines apply. You may smoke on the street



    Committee Meetings:


    These are held at 7.30pm on the second-last Friday of the month (except December) and are open to all members to attend.



    The 2022 Seahorse 50+1 Annivesary Ball:

    Our biggest event of the year will be on 10th September 2022.

    Seahorse Ball ticket sales are now open



    Seahorse Christmas Party

    Seahorse Christmas Party, dates and details TBA



    Bringing guests to a meeting:


    We encourage partners, family and friends to participate in Society meetings and social events and we welcome guests at our meetings. However remember that if you do bring a guest to any meeting or social event of the Seahorse Society that you are responsible for their behaviour. Make sure they are aware of the guidelines, set out by the Society before they come and that they maintain acceptable behavior during these meetings and any social events.

    The committee may invite representatives of businesses and members of other transgender support groups and societies. Such an invitation requires approval in advance from the committee members.

    Members (including individual committee members) may also invite guest(s), other than their partners to a meeting, subject to the following conditions:

    1. The member must have met the guest(s) prior to the meeting.

    2. The member must accompany the guest(s) to the meeting and must not disclose the location of the meeting in advance.

    3. Member's guests (other than partners of members) are expected to pay the meeting fee. Any member inviting a guest is responsible for ensuring that meeting fees are paid.

    4. The member must must introduce them to a committtee member as soon as possible.

    5. The member shall be personally responsible for the behaviour of their guest(s) at all times, in accordance with the Society's guidelines.

    6. The member must undertake to leave the meeting with any guest(s) that they have invited if requested to by a committee member.


    Seahorse Meetings and Events in 2022:


    Please note: These dates are confirmed, but other details, such as meeting themes, are provisional and may be subject to change. Past meetings will be crossed off


    Up-coming Events in 2022

    Committee Meeting: Friday, 21st.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 28th: Australia Day Sausage Sizzle.

    Committee Meeting: Friday, 18th.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 25th: Photo Competition. Categories: Portrait, Landscape/Nature, Holidays.

    Thai Restaurant Drummoyne: Friday, 11th
    Committee Meeting: Friday, 18th.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 25th: Trash and Treasure Night. Bring the clothes that you no longer need.

    Committee Meeting: Friday, 22nd.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 29th: Easter Bonnet Competition & Trivia Competition.

    Committee Meeting: Friday, 20th.
    Social Meeting: Friday 27th, Includes the Annual General Meeting.

    Committee Meeting: Friday, 17th.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 24th: LBD (Little Black Dress) Night.

    Committee Meeting: Friday, 22nd.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 29th: Christmas in July.

    Committee Meeting: Friday 19th.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 26th, Ozzie Quiz and Impromptu Chat

    Friday Night Dinner in Katoomba Friday 9th.
    Seahorse Ball, Katoomba: Saturday, 10th.
    Committee Meeting: Friday, 23rd.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 30th.: Miss Seahorse Pageant. Casual and Formal categories.

    Committee Meeting: Friday, 21st.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 28th:The theme is Spring Racing Day.

    Committee Meeting: Friday, 18th.
    Social Meeting: Friday, 25th: Fancy or Retro Dress and International Food Night.

    Christmas Party: TBA.