How to join the Seahorse Society

Before joining Seahorse please read our Frequently Asked Questions section to see if Seahorse meets your needs and expectations

The advantages of joining Seahorse

The main advantage of joining is to come out of the closet and to meet other cross-dressers in a safe and supportive environment.

Seahorse holds monthly social meetings,and has a Ball and Christmas party each year, as well as publishing a monthly magazine.

We have members all over NSW and some from interstate.



The Membership Process

We use the utmost discretion and confidentiality in dealing with membership applications.The process usually takes a few days and generally less than a week. This may look a little bit complicated, but these six steps involved in joining Seahorse are quite logical and straight forward:


Step One


5-30% of applicants for membership do not end up following through or change their mind. We do understand your possible nervousness and mixed feelings.

Do not apply to join impulsively nor late at night after a few drinks! Take a little time to contemplate if Seahorse meets your needs.

Read our FAQ page about joining Seahorse to get information about our meetings and to correct any possible misconceptions that you might have about Seahorse.

Feel free to email our Membership Secretary, if have any further questions that you may have about joining Seahorse.


Step Two


OK, now that you have read the FAQ page thoroughly and have thought it over soberly, you can now apply for Membership on-line and send your details to the Membership Secretary, using our confidential on-line application form.

The form will ask you to indicate your preferred way to be interviewed: By email*, phone or face-to-face interview.

(* Email is the Membership Secretary's preferred interview method.)


Step Three

Induction Interview

The membership Secretary will contact you as soon as possible (She can be a bit slow sometimes because of her many other commitments).

The interview is quite informal to inform you about Seahorse, and allow you to ask questions about Seahorse.

The interview is also to assess your suitability for membership. Most applicants are clearly genuine and suitable to become members. Rarely, someone is unsuitable because they are solely looking for sexual encounters.


Step Four

Pay Subscription

Once The Membership Secretary has confirmed your suitability for Membership, she will email you and advise you of the payment details.

Details of how to pay.

How to inform The Membership Secretary that you have paid.


Step Five

Full Membership

Once The Membership Secretary has confirmed your subscription has been paid, she will send you our standard email, welcoming you to Seahorse. She will also advise you of the location of our monthly meetings, how to access the members-only sections of the website and any other relevant information.


Step Six

Attend Meetings

As you are now a full member, you are now eligible to attend our monthly meetings so that you can meet and get to know other cross-dressers in a safe, friendly, supportive environment. Your partner is welcome to attend as well.

Check out when the monthly meetings are on.