Seahorse Members Area

Welcome to the entry point of the Members' Area.

What is in the Members' Area?

This area contains the following:

  • Archive of Seahorse Magazines
  • Photos from Seahorse events
  • Archive of Minutes of Seahorse Committee Meetings
  • Archive of Seahorse Email Newsletters
  • New Members Frequently Asked Questions Page
  • It does not contain adult material, as one new member had imagined it would and was disappointed that it did not!
  • The Rules of Entry

  • Members' Area is a private Seahorse members-only area for current financial Seahorse members. The password is changed on 1st June each year
  • You will require the username and password to login.
  • If you are a new member, check your welcome email.
  • Please do not share the login details with non-members.
  • Lapsed members can no longer access this area.

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    New login password - from 1st October 2020

    Help! I cannot login!

    Here are some obvious things to try first, before contacting The Web Mistress:

    1. The user name is not your name or number. It is "member2020".
    2. Have you forgotten the login? Check the monthly Seahorse email.
    3. Is it last year's password? It is normally changed on the 1st June. Check the email.
    4. The password is complex, with upper and lower case letters, plus numerals and symbols. It must be typed exactly. Easy way: copy (Ctrl-C) and paste (ctrl-V) it into the require field.
    5. Has your Membership lapsed? If so, you are using the old password. Consider renewing your membership.
    6. Are you a new member needing the login? You will find it in the welcome email.

    Still stuck? Email the Web Mistress
    However, she will not be happy if you tell her that you have not tried the all above steps first.