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Excellent book for partners

A Significant Other View by Julie Freeman is now available through

Julie Freeman is the wife of a crossdresser. Over the past two decades, she has written a monthly column on transgendered issues from the viewpoint of a significant other. Her articles address concerns and fears of wives and partners new to the crossdressing phenomenon, worries and doubts facing transgendered, and more general topics related to gender considerations on a variety of levels.

A Significant Other View is a compilation of her articles in chronological order starting in 1991, a few years after she learned about her husband's crossdressing, and continuing through 2013.

Julie has been married almost 50 years to her husband, Donna, who runs a support group for transgendered, their families, and friends in Northern California. They have two adult daughters who know about their father's crossdressing and are supportive.

ISBN 9781493568215

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"Julie's articles have been published in our Seahorse magazine on occasions, and I have found them to be very well written, displaying empathy for both cross-dressers and their partners." - Christine Parker

Further Reading References

There are several excellent books for partners of cross-dressers in our library.

Advantages of having a cross-dressing husband

For a light-hearted view of the subject, read this list of 45 reasons why having a cross-dresser as a husband can be an advantage.

Why Cross-dressers lie

Anger is one of the most common reactions partners have when they find out their man is a cross-dresser. Anger at having been deceived for so long. In this insightful article, one wife explains why.