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Partners and Family

Coping with cross-dressing

The knowledge that a person cross-dresses is often seen as frightening to many partners and other family members. It confronts what you have grown up to regard as "normal" or stereotypical behavior for a person of a particular gender, and obviously your expectations in terms of your relationship with them.

It is important to realise that in reality the person has not changed, is and will remain essentially the same. The only difference is that you now know and can elect to share or reject a significant part of that person's life.

Seahorse Partner Support Program

The Seahorse Society can offer support to partners in a variety of ways. For example, partners and family members are always welcome at social meetings. Concerned partners, who may be dealing with the issues of newly discovering their spouse is a cross-dresser, can also be put into contact with volunteer partners of Seahorse members who have had to deal with similar issues.

We now offer a contact phone specifically for for wives/partners and families of members of the Society. This phone is operated by the wives and partners of cross-dressers.

These ladies have volunteered to try and help other wives and partners understand cross-dressing.

For Partner Support, please phone the General Contact number.
Your details will then be sent to our partner support.