Seahorse Payments


New Members


If you have just decided to join Seahorse as a member, this page will help you pay your subscription.


1. How to work out your joining subscription

For new members, a pro-rata subscription should be included with your application as shown in the table below.

Month of payment

Pro-rata Subscription














(Membership until 1st March the following year)


2. How to pay your subscription

  • if you are a new member or
  • if you are a re-joining member whose membership lapsed more than 1 year ago.

  • Pay by mail:
    Send cheque or money order to:
    PO Box 689,
    Gladesville, NSW 1675

  • Pay by bank transfer/direct deposit:
    Westpac, Gordon, NSW
    BSB:032-083 A/C No:166511

    Important If paying by direct debit or bank transfer, it is very important that you include identifying information, such as your name.

    Please Note NEW MEMBERS:
    Apply for Membership by using our On-line Application Page to send your details. You may do this before or after paying.


    3. After you have paid

    Once you have paid any money to Seahorse, please use this link to let us know that you have paid and by what method.

    This allows the Treasurer, the Membership Secretary, and the Event Organiser to know that you have paid, which makes for the smoother running of our organisation..


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