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Interesting Articles written or submitted by Seahorse members

This section of the website presents a series of articles by Christine Parker and other Seahorse members, some of which have been previously published in our monthly magazine. Also included are a couple of articles from our sister organisations. If you have an article that you feel would be appropriate, contact The WebMistress with details.

"All the World's a stage..." © by Christine Parker.
This article examines a famous Shakespearean speech about the seven ages of man, and looks at the phases that occur during our lives as cross-dressers and/or trans-women.

"Christine's Grand Tour 2015" © by Christine Parker.
Christine's two-week trip enfemme, visiting Coff's Harbour, Jiggi Valley, Brisbane and Sydney.

"The Devil is in the details." © by Christine Parker.
A simple compliment triggered Christine to examine the art of getting the details right.

"Christine's Grand Tour 2014" © by Christine Parker.
Christine's two-week trip enfemme, visiting Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, attending trans-events in each city.

"Body Shaping" © by Christine Parker.
This updated article shows how to achieve a more female body shape. It goes through, step by step, with photographs, what is required to achieve that goal.

"The Perfect DIY Manicure." © Christine Parker.
Mastering one of the more difficult feminine skills: painting one's nails.

"Feminique Magazine Covers." © Images created by Di Ward.
A collection of beautiful, stylish covers of Seahorse's "Feminique" magazine from the mid-1970's to 1984.

"Parramatta Pride Day." © by Susan (President).
A short article with photos about our first stall at the Parramatta Pride Day.

"The Definitive History of Seahorse." © by Christine Parker.
A work in progress, this article covers the beginnings of Seahorse, its growth, its up's and down's, and its current state.

"A guide for better passing without taking hormones." © by Christine Parker.
How many changes are you prepared to make to your male self, so that you look better when you are dressed as woman?

"The Older Cross-dresser" © by Christine Parker.
The third of an autobiographical series by Christine, in which she describes reaching a comfortable maturity as a cross-dresser.

"Mardi Gras Fair Day 2012" © by Lucie and Amy.
A short article with photos about the Seahorse Stall at 2012 Mardi Gras Fair Day.

"My life as a young cross-dresser" © by Christine Parker.
Christine's cross-dressing development from her early 20's to early 30's.

"My secret love's no secret any more." © by Christine Parker.
The story of how Christine's secret was discovered by her mother when Christine was 17.

"Peter Wherrett (a.k.a. Pip Wilson) 1936-2009" © by Christine Parker.
A critique of Peter Wherrett's two books and an account of Christine's contact with her.

"Christine's Amazing Holiday" © by Christine Parker.
Spending her first full week as a woman, including a 3-day ocean cruise.

"A Story in Passing" © by Christine Parker.
A short story about an unusual experience I had while out shopping as a woman.

"Obituary - Pip Wherrett" © by Christine Parker.
Obituary to Australia's best known cross-dresser and former Seahorse member.

"Health Issues" © by Julia (Past President) and Christine Parker.
Two brief articles on health problems that, if detected early, can be treated successfully. Not about cross-dressing but important anyway.

"Paying a visit to the Ladies' Toilets" © by Christine Parker.
Cross-dressers have usually had the unique experience of visiting both Men's and Women's toilets during their life time and isn't there a difference!

"The History of Seahorse" © by Rhonda, our Magazine Editor
This article was written at the request of the editor of Polare, the magazine of the Gender Centre in Sydney. It describes the beginning and development of the Seahorse Society, and shows how far the organisation has come and how much help in can be to cross-dressers and the families.

"April Ashley's Odyssey" an article submitted by Julia. (opens in a new window/tab)
This is a lengthy biography about the iconic British transsexual, April Ashley, whose divorce in the 1960's led to an infamous court ruling that effected the lives of transsexuals for many years, It is long, but well worth the read. In addition to her incident-filled life, it contains many images that were not included in her original printed book.

"TG friendly shops? All of them!" ©, reprinted from an article published in the Seahorse Society of Queensland magazine May 2008.
This is a very good and encouraging article for those embarking on buying a female wardrobe for the first time. It covers shopping both in boy-mode and enfemme. It lets you know that is easier than you might imagine.

"A case of artificial hair today, but gone tomorrow" or "Can wearing a wig really change your personality?" ©, Amanda and published in the Seahorse magazine March 2008.
This is a very well written article about cross-dressers coming out in mid-life. It looks at the development of the new female persona and three possible outcomes: a return to the closet; going full-time as a woman; or the development of a more or less comfortable balance between the male and female personae.