Guidelines for Members


Guidelines for Members


The Seahorse Society believes in equality and freedom of expression for all its members and indeed for all people from all walks of life.

However, the nature of our association and the special needs of our members require us to establish guidelines that should be understood and practiced by all members.



Standards of dress and behavior in public and at meetings


Member's tastes are different and they often dress in a fashion that reflects their own special desires or personality. This freedom of expression is accepted by the Society provided common decency standards are upheld. Members are requested not to attend meetings or functions in a style of dress that is likely embarrass or offend other people.

When out in public as a group representing the Society, you should consider the image of the Society. As members of the Society, we do try to maintain dignity as women and so it is up to all members to ensure that standards apply. In order to be treated like a lady we should all try and dress and act like a lady.

At restaurant nights, take care to make other patrons feel comfortable. We are usually made to feel very welcome in the restaurants we visit, so let's keep it like that, by maintaining a positive image for the Society. If you have to use the ladies toilets, please leave them clean and tidy. Avoid "drips" on the seat and floor, leave the seat down and leave the sink as clean as possible.



Personal Information


Members should not question other members about their personal or professional lives unless the other person has already broached the subject. If you do so inadvertently, please don't be offended if they do not disclose any personal information. Some members are very guarded about their private life and this should be respected.

However, by the same token, if someone else asks you personal information that you do not want to disclose, then it is your prerogative to politely refuse. Sometimes a member may disclose personal information to you, that they may not want others to know about. You should not disclose this information to others without their permission.

Our rules state: "A member shall not, without the specific and express permission of that other member, identify that other member to anyone else by way of name, address, occupation or any other means other than the name of that member adopted or volunteered by that member for identification within the Society unless required by law."



Respect for other members


It is important to treat other members with dignity and respect. Many members, especially new members may feel nervous or embarrassed about their appearance and they may lack the skill and confidence to present themselves well as a woman. Please try to be sensitive to this and don't make derogatory comments. By all means be helpful but do so in a caring and sensitive way.





We love our photos, but other members/guests may be camera-shy. Before you take photographs or videos at Society events, make sure that your subjects approve, especially if you plan to post the photos on the internet and social media in particular.



Disagreement between members at meeting


p>In the unlikely event that a disagreement arises between members at a meeting and in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for other members, the members in dispute should leave the meeting until the matter is resolved.



Soliciting relationships


As a Society, we neither condemn nor judge any members regarding their sexual preferences, and the Society accepts both gay and heterosexual members. However, we are a social group and not a dating service and so we request members not to overtly solicit relationships at any meetings or Society organized social functions.



Drinking or Drug taking


To attend a meeting in a state of inebriation or under the effects of drugs may offend other members, especially if your behavior is bad. It may also lead you to disclose things you might not wish to or it may make others feel uncomfortable. If you are offending other members, you WILL be asked to leave the meeting by the committee members.





Your privacy and anonyminity are our first priority to our members and their families.

If you feel more at ease attending meetings and social events dressed in male attire - this is understood and accepted by the Society.



Guests attending meetings


We encourage partners, family and friends to participate in Society meetings and social events and we welcome guests at our meetings. However remember that if you do bring a guest to any meeting or social event of the Seahorse Society that you are responsible for their behavior. Make sure they are aware of the guidelines, set out below by the Society before they come and that they maintain acceptable behavior during these meetings and any social events.

The committee may invite representatives of businesses and members of other transgender support groups and societies. Such an invitation requires approval in advance from the committee members. Members (including individual committee members) may also invite guest(s), other than their partners to a meeting, subject to the following conditions:



Guidelines about bringing guests in meetings


1. The member must have met the guest(s) prior to the meeting.
2. The member must accompany the guest(s) to the meeting and must not disclose the location of the meeting in advance.
3. Member's guests (other than partners of members) are expected to pay the meeting fee. Any member inviting a guest is responsible for ensuring that meeting fees are paid.
4. The member must identify their guest(s) on the committee register, and must introduce them to a committtee member as soon as possible.
5. The member shall be personally responsible for the behaviour of their guest(s) at all times, in accordance with the Society's rules above.
6. The member must undertake to leave the meeting with any guest(s) that they have invited if requested to by a committee member.