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  • you must be a current financial member of the Seahorse Society of NSW.
  • and register to join the Email List.

How to join our Email List

All financial Seahorse members who supply an email address when joining will usually be added to our email list when the webmistress becomes aware of their membership.

If you are a financial Seahorse member, by using the form below, you will able to join our Email List and receive an email of the latest Seahorse news with the magazine attached. The webmistress, Christine, who will inform you of the username and password as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).

For privacy reasons, we recommend that you consider creating a free email account in your femme name with Google Mail, Hotmail or Yahoo or one of many other free web-based accounts.

If your subscription is not renewed by the end of May each year, you are removed from the email list.

if you are a past member and wish to renew your membership.

if you are not a member, but would like to Join Seahorse.

If you are a member, but have forgotten your membership number, please contact the Membership Secretary, Brenda.

Please email your details:

Indicates required information.

Please email Michelle, the Magazine Editor with your name, membership number, and email address.

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